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Reverbnation RIPOFF

Hi friends and fellow musicians.
I have had an intolerable time with the pirates at reverbnation and since they are unwilling to respond to me or address the problem I want to make sure everyone who might need to know, knows what liars and ripoff artists they are.

They offer you a free service.
Hidden in the terms and conditions is a signup for another (paid) service - the free service is not free at all. Any ethical business says 'get this when you do this' right upfront.
When you discover this and try to cancel, they 'lose' your cancellation and bill you again.
When you complain to them their support staff sends you a form letter which clearly indicates that no one read your message or cares about your issue.
The idea is that you will give up fighting them and they will keep your money.



Crowd Review "Reverbnations Big secret"

Understood, but the fact Reverb puts out a level at 7 out of 10 to get on the front page and the CEO says that this is 95% accurate is not true. There is more like 40% is bogus if you pay the larger amount like any statistic it will get more real, but because they pay these people contradicts the unbiased view and then people review with absolute garbage, unrelated or just plain mean spirited. The Number one music site has reviews I don't pay for except for my membership and the reviews for the most part are fair and even keeled. I just feel my $20 would've been spent better. I would be willing to pay more if the people reviewing were legitimate reviewer that would get paid, but are educated through schooling or experience and the money would be just a service fee. It should be at least where artists critique artists, part of the checks and balances. Besides it busts me up that I get a 6.4 or 6.5 and the bogus reviews I know knocked down my higher score from being a contender.

Just an observation though, the 200 for $99.95 and the 50 for $19.95??? Uh if I did the math I can get 4 silver reviews for less than one gold review. No value added reasoning for the extra price. I know that a person gets to see the reviewers scores at one point and a first name of the reviewer.

Well gotta give it to Mike the reverb rep for commenting back and shutting down discussions on the words Crowd Review Rip-Off.

They don't over-site the reviews to ensure quality. This for the money is a rip-off since Mike admitted that he's had problems with ignorant reviews, yet they don nothing, but charge a lot of money for little to no effort except use sound out service to get reviews however they come and then make you a PDF and give you the bad news. Original is not good for everyone and Reverb should look into a better site that is targeted better toward original music reviews. Don't waste your money it is pure luck if you get a 7 or better no matter how good you are.

MIKE R (Official ReverbNation Rep) RESPONSE:

Thanks for your feedback here, this service isn't for everybody and I understand your opinion about it. Regardless we appreciate that you gave it a try. Please don't take offense to the closure of threads. You can understand that there is only a couple of us who moderate these boards and we have a relatively small support staff. We also don't have the manpower to check every Crowd Review or provide our own quality control, but I am happy to pass your comments and your feedback to our developers and our marketing team who collaborate with the SoundOut representatives.



Why and How ReverbNation Lost My Love

There was a time when I used ReverbNation daily to connect with fans, promote my music, and grow my network. Things were great. But then things started changing and I began using the platform less and less. I used to be an advocate for their services and now I find myself telling people not to bother. READ MORE


ReverbNation Selling Pipe Dreams

As a newspaper Review columnist and Indie Artist I strongly recommend that you not involve yourself in any
ReverbNation Promotions or the like. I already made that mistake and it cost me over $175.00
Read their promotion below and then I'll explain how misleading the offer and as many others are.



Reverbnation scam tutorial promotional tip

The only thing they try to increase is how to make money out of you - then reverbnation skim the internet and hack to takedown forums that describe what they do and put negative feedback on their competitors - be very careful of reverbnation scam rip off band song plays increaser


I can describe the results in one word: brutal. None of the songs are deemed worthy of being album tracks, much less singles. In the most important metric, Market Potential, my best song received a 54%, my worst 39%, and my favorite a pathetic 20%. Those numbers stand in stark contrast to my stats at Jango, for reasons I’ll explain in a bit. READ MORE


Waste your money on Reverbnation

Its not often I write something off-topic for the website, but in this case I think its something that’s likely to be of interest to music fans in general. Most people who either follow local bands such as us, or people who play in bands themselves will be familiar with the concept of Pay-To-Play gigs, and especially the notion that This Is Not A Good Thing. Pay-to-Play gives bands a great opportunity to part with money in order to play a gig, as opposed to being paid for your performance, and is appreciated by bands in much the same way as my plumber appreciated my proposal that he pay me for the opportunity to fix my washing machine. This aside, what I really wanted to talk about was a very similar way of wasting a band’s money which is called... READ MORE


ReverbNation. LOL.

ReverbNation's charts are a joke. Look at the top ten artists in most areas, and these are usually complete no-names, that are just good at spamming people... the same types of bands that had tons of "friends" on myspace by using friendblaster, but no one has heard of them. ReverbNation tries to get you to buy add-on products to improve your "chart position"... it is all a setup to get you to spend money to be "#1", even though that chart position is completely useless and sad...



I got scammed by Reverb Nation

Some of you might know a website called Reverb Nation, it's popular among indie musicians, it basically acts like a MySpace for musos... well I just got charged $35 and going to enormous lengths to get my money back, but they won't respond, so I'm asking for some advice. The situation - I registered my music profile on Reverb Nation. Soon after, it asks me if I want to register for a 3-day free trial of a promotional campaign to help get more listeners/fans. The idea is if you don't cancel within those 3 days, they'll charge you the subscription fee. So... I try it out, and it does sh*t all, so I cancel it on March 05 (payment due on March 06). So what happens? I get charged $35 on March 06... for a service that I cancelled out of and even have an email receipt with a confirmation code that proves that I cancelled out. READ MORE


I have figured out that Reverbnation is a bit of a scam.

after a year and a few months, I have figured out that Reverbnation is a bit of a scam. The fee listed here is wrong because its almost double that amount or 60 bucks annually…however, they not only charge a $50 take down (making your so called one time payment, 50 dollars more than that initial amount spent), there are also fees taken for every transfer of money to your paypal account. Therefore, no matter what at Reverbation, you are spending $110 to set and take down each release. Its not reflected in any of the sign up document and they added it on to the FAQ a few months after I initially signed up…But I was not happy with that system. Forget about the fees, they hardly got our product anywhere that cant be done at any other aggregator and/or distributor. They have great marketing tools but this where and how they scam money from artists. Which sucks because obviously as a young artist, trying to grow in this industry, every penny counts. And, its hard to read thousands of lines of fine print like they have in their FAQ section. The fees they take are very easy to overlook even now…I was honestly shocked a company with so much going them, acts that way towards young bands….as if its not hard enough to break into the marketplace, you have look over your shoulders at your own partner because Reverbnation is not at all forthcoming about these fees….not even remotely…they hide it….and that sucks because I could have gone to every other company, that would and does not act this way towards artists. Most companies do not take advantage of young artists, but this company is a nightmare with regard to digital distribution. I am telling you its a nightmare to deal with their digital services. Its very hard. Let alone you will not get paid on time. Its now 8/11 and I have had money due to me since 8/5. And, they refuse to deal and/or answer to it. Its very hard…and I know they are scheming some way to keep that money…which is incredible to do to young artists in this industry today…. READ MORE


Reverbnation - Hosting of copyrighted content

I found copyrighted material hosted on and asked their customer support to get that material removed but they refused. I proved that those materials belong to me and that they have no right to host those materials without my consent but it didn’t do any good. Will probably have to sue them because such behaviour can’t be tolerated.



What Artists Should Know About SoundOut aka "Reverbnation"

ReverbNation has a new feature called Crowd Review, which is “powered by” SoundOut. Based on recent reader comments (below), it appears to be identical. If that’s not the case, please let us know! READ MORE


The scam of certain licensing sites

Sorry, that tune they heard on Myspace, Facebook, Reverbnation that they sent you a message about most times is a spam message. Yet, people get so excited. These are trolls the bulk of the time trying to get you in to something to sign up with, pay in to or by the chance they actually went to check you out, they will try to hit you with a contract so those songs can be theirs or at least the rights to them. READ MORE


Reverbnation's Promote It Free Trial and Reverb's RPK Free Trial Legit or a Scams?

Crock of crap. it be like giving me your credit card info. i would just delete it. and be safe.
remember if its too good to be true it isnt. and this time of yr the spammers and hackers are out in full force taking advantage of everyone young and old. dont fall for it. plus most free trials you never need a credit card.


JJ Rocks article # 285: ReverbNation scam revealed!

Hi! As many of you know I support independent bands and scout for major label executives like the ones in my RN photo section. So I am writing to tell you that Reverbnation finally admitted to me that people who buy their “tools” and use them are the ones that get higher rank on their site. This came after I complained about being knocked off the #1 national position in all genres in the Virgin Islands by someone with much lower stats. Now the only reason that I even care about rank on that site is that I occasionally invite people to my scouting site to be heard and possibly referred to a major label for free. So I want them to get a good impression. But I know that most of you use RN to promote your music and think that your chart position is based on the quality of your music. It’s NOT! Many of you are proud of your chart position. But why? No one is really judging your music on the RN staff nor can your friends rank your tunes there. So the people above you on the charts are there because they buy these so called “tools” from the site and it gives them a higher rank. Here is just part of what Reverbnation sent me back when I told them that someone with much lower stats took over my position on the charts.



A warning to everyone using Reverbnation

Before I continue, I must stress that usually I adore Reverbnation and all of their wonderful tools and tips. Unfortunately the issue I’m about to describe has soured our relationship. I went to send out the monthly newsletter on Sunday. Usually I have most people set up on a Gmail filter and I work from that, but some of my fans come from Reverbnation and have signed up through FanReach. So for them, I do a copy of the newsletter and send it out using the FanReach tool, as when people signup, I don’t get access to their email address. April’s newsletter was fine going out this way, but on May’s, I got a pop-up screen telling me that I have to add my ACTUAL PHYSICAL ADDRESS at the bottom. So I do this, imagining that it will be hidden on the final email. It’s not.



Ripoff Report on 08/20/2012 09:35 AM

We were truly disappointed with our experience with this company, not really because of the fishy results, but because of the extremely unprofessional nature of the entire event. My band has truly taken this event as a lesson learned: Any event worth participating in won't require you to give them money to play - choose where you play very wisely. Do not be fooled by King Ryan Events or Ishowcase .... Keep on rock and rollin' and play for people who will appreciate you and give you and your friends and family the treatment you deserve as hard working performers. READ MORE


What I wanted to report as damages was:

Membership extended and credit for charges of services not requested. However this wouldn't go through.. so I realized I had to give a monetary amount. $100 is for 4 $25 charges and $20 is for a pro-rated amount of the membership I've lost since they locked my account.

The Claim:


Because (a Promotion Company for musicians, singer-songwriters) was offering a week free to promote a song, I decided to promote a Christmas song that had a special messsage. I sent them an email the day I saw the promotion (Nov.1st), stating that I wanted the promotion to start on Nov. 15th and end in mid Dec. With the free week, that would have cost me $75, which is what I'd budgeted for this song. The same day I became a member of Revernation for $59.95. Soon after they sent me an email, stating they'd charged my credit card for $25. I wrote them right away that it was to start on November 15th, and why wasn't the first week free as advertised. I got a form-type email back that if I wanted to cancel my subscription I'd need to do it online, that they couldn't cancel it for me.



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