We believe places like ReverbNation, SoundCloud, Sound Click, Last FM are great sites to promote your music and show what you can do and even sell your music but it shouldn't cost you your dreams or discourage you to where you want to give up. What do you think of when you see "Test for Radio"? Naturally you think.. how Awesome!' You would see where your music stands with those in the music industry. Right? When we heard of the "Test For Radio" being offered by ReverbNation we thought... "Wow.. what a great idea and a great way to help independent artists know where they stand by those professionals in the music industry" So, like many of you we paid the money and submitted some music. BUT...We submitted the music of a well renown artist, which we kept their name confidential for an honest review. We waited the 5 days and received what they now called, "crowd reviews" which was no longer just "test for radio" which crowd reviews is actually powered by "Sound Out" for the crowd reviews. Reverbnation who is powered by E-minor, inc. claims "Test for Radio" and "Crowd Reviews" it is the same thing which you can read by clicking HERE. Meanwhile the rest of the world knows a crowd review and a radio review are two totally separate things. The review we received back was nothing what we expected. We were shocked when ReverbNation is advertising "test for radio by professionals" when it was nothing of the sort which you can read by visiting the TESTIMONIES button below. Their reviews were unprofessional, rude, brutal, unbiased and immature which sounded like the opinions people who knew nothing about the music business. Go to the Examples page of example reviews and see for yourself what we received from ReverbNation and see the reviews we here at Real Radio Reviews provide and decide for yourself who would you trust your music to? When several people brought this to the attention of ReverbNation, they stated they were aware of the problem but couldn't do anything about it, so that's when we decided we would.

So we put our heads together knowing we ourselves are affiliated with Progressive Edge Records and have been in the industry for over 20 years and decided right there that if they're not going to do something constructive and professional to help upcoming artists, then we will. All results are private and confidential. By submitting your music for evaluation you agree to a no refund policy because of the work and time that goes into each evaluation.


Every song reviewed is based on the following Categories:








Our Mission is to help up and coming rising stars by providing a Real Radio Review by a Real Professionals that are honest and affordable. Reviews are provided by real Music and Record Producers and Radio DJ's who have been in the industry for many years and know what it takes to get your music out to the world. Don't fall for scams that 'claim' to offer Test for Radio or Radio Reviews by Professionals when they are actually the opinion of people who know nothing about the music industry. We check volumes, overall quality, mixing, mastering, vocals and performance to help you get the best quality sound in your music performance. We also offer other services such as mixing & mastering services using our finalizes and radio compression utilities as well as added instruments if needed and we also do EPK's. In addition you will air play on SE Radio in our artist lineup. Why pay for scams when you can get the real deal?