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"Smooth little jam here. The music sounds very experienced and comes across as a joint powerful presentation, along with the artist singing. The artist does seem to have a little screeching in the voice at places and could improve the vocals to some extent. Besides that nice job."

"well this song is definitely mellowed out and laid back with the sound of soft rock. which I usually a fan of, but this song and these lyrics are a little depressing, so I wouldn't have it on my ipod or anything. with this song I don't love or hate it. its perfectly fine, just not for me. so ill remind neutral in the rating."

"Smooth introduction but is ruined as soon as the vocalist opens her mouth. She tries to hide her bad singing ability behind vocal effects. The melody of this track itself isn't too bad. The lyrics are very amateur. This track would be half decent with a better vocalist and different lyrics"

"The slow pace of the beat sets the mood. Either there is somewhat of an echo or there are two chicks singing. I can't tell which. I can't remember ever hearing a song where two people sang the song in sync throughout. The melody is pretty good. The content of the lyrics are mediocre. Overall the song is alright, not bad, and not great either."

"loved the melodic piano start to the song. The first sinnger was very good. Angelic voice. The the other sinnger starts, and it gets a little to heavy. It is a light song, only needs the one singer. They did a good job of conveying pain, and emotion. They did not harmonize very well. It was a little bit distracting. Would do do well on the radio."

"I hated the start of the song because of the person singing, It made me want to go to sleep. I don't like the echo behind the voice, it doesn't fit the song at all."

"The piano adds a nice tone, the lyrics are serious and clear. I can feel a dark tone to this song. Subtle sound, not too crazy on any one sound making it easy to listen too. a simple yet great sound. really enjoyable."

"Nice song, chill melody BUT the singer should be replaced. She is trying to be louder than the music even though she should take some more music lessons. If this issue will be solved I'm sure it will sound much better"

"i love the strong beat the stands behind the song .I love the harmony threw the me it gives off the element of being heart broken like someone has just got out of a bad relationship or has lost some one close to them. the piano give the track a good slow feeling and helps follow the song a little better."

"It was ok but the echo sound didn't sound right to me. It would sound better if it sounded like just one person signing but not good as a duet or with an echo on the mic. The melody of the music did match the words of the song and sounded good with the words of the song."

"OK song! Maybe this song was meant for solo instead of duet. Perhaps that's the only negative point from this song but everything else we can see the heart and soul in it. Another song that I should listen once more."

"I really like this song, it has a huge atmosphere in the tune. The piano makes it seem intense and the vocals are quite spooky and intense too. The drums add a little bit of variety to the instruments too. I'd definitely listen to this song again as the vocals are absolutely amazing!"

"This does have a haunting feel about it,more from the piano tone and muffled tone than the overall song.The singer offers a bit of a nervous tone,its slow to build up and once it does become more intense the tuning goes to pot,sounds very flat.The melodic features aren't that reliable in this mix,sound timid and once vocally louder it crumbles.This needs a lot of work,more strength from the vocal mix."

"The gentle introduction of this song is pleasant. The song has a somewhat strange echo quality to it. The echo is distracting in many ways. The singer has a strange voice that is confusing to me. I cant understand what she is trying to portray in this track. My interest was lost a minute into this track. Although the lyrics are emotional, I fear that the song loses its appeal in the lackluster singing and also weak instrumental use. I am not impressed."

"Vocals are terrible! She's incredibly shaky and struggles to hold even the simplest notes. Lyrics are ok, doesn't really have anything catchy about it. Also the beat doesn't go with any of it, it's just and odd combination and I don't think anyone would like this."

"This is a song for that special time of month. Are there two singers? Why? The lead vocalist does just fine on her own. It is out of sync with both. They are both off key. Having two people sing who are off key is just piercing to the ears. Keep the lyrics. The music doesn't even matter with how out of tune the lyrics are."

"The piano sounds like there is a drama that has just happened. This is because of the dark chords and tone it is played in. What adds to this tone is the strings which is also played in a dark tone. The female on the track unfortunately can not sing. But credit to her because her song lyrics are interesting and matches the dark melodies. Overall this song could be a whole lot better with a professional singer who can naturally match the melodies of the background music."

"It's not the nastiest thing I've ever listened to, but I wouldn't listen to it every day. The musical talent of the artists are clear through the complex chord structures. This feels like a refreshing piece of music with new notes and keys. There are influences from nature and relationships. It starts with a soft piano intro and ends softly. Indeed, I am really impressed overall. I could see radio play in the future. The singer's emotion is lacking in this piece as seen by the dull vocal tone."


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This is a really sweet song! Very beautiful piano, with a melancholy sound, but isn’t the sappy ballad that you might be used to. Vocals are sung with both soul and passion and you can feel a connection between the artist and the song, which is what you want for radio. People truly admire realism and the genuine nature of someone sharing their heart in a song. The arrangement is really cool and not the industry “presto-fit” formula. The first thing you hear is the beautiful piano and strings and then instead of going right into the first verse, the drums come in and you are instantly drawn into a short but sweet guitar solo. I believe that this sets up the vocals and creates a foundation for the song.



When the actual guitar solo does come in, you feel a familiarity with the melody because you heard it in the intro! The instrumentation for this track is really well done and shows some very advanced skill on your part. I thought it was great that you not only started the song with a guitar solo, but you ended the song with an even more killer guitar solo! I thought that the drums were good and the off-beat on the ride cymbal in the guitar solo was very well done. “ALL I WANT” has a very catchy vocals melody line that carries the vocals where they need to go in the song.



I absolutely love the lyrics to this song! The very first words are “ALL I WANT” which is the title of the song. Good job using the chorus and verse in the same mode. There is some really great lyricism on this song for sure. The lyrics are very easy to follow along with the story line. “ALL I WANT” is comparable to any of the classic ballads from the 80’s and 90’s.



This song could play on Christian radio and Secular radio, no problem. I would say there is a pretty wide audience for a song like “ALL I WANT”. Some of the younger kids and into rap and hardcore music, so usually they would have the appreciation for this type of song, but the mid 30’s to late 60’s would love this track. I know for a fact that this song is getting airplay right now on SE Radio because I am playing it on my radio show almost every day!



The mixing for this song was really good, but having it professionally mastered at SE Studios would really help a lot as far as playing it on the radio. One of the problems with downloading music from the internet is that you don't always get a high resolution audio file. That is why you should always have an EPK online at your website, with 256k or 320k MP3 files available for download, for media and industry access.


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