Q: How did Real Radio Reviews get started?
A: As professional Music and Record Producers, DJ's in the music industry we listen to music of up coming talent on a daily basis. When we seen Reverbnations "Test For Radio" and it turned out to be only the opinion of people who knew nothing about the music business and who were extremely biased against any other music genure then what they prefer and it showed in their review. We knew we needed to do something to give other up and coming rising stars a fair and honest review from people who know the business. The crowd reviews were unbiased, unprofessional, immature with many curse words in their review and that is unexceptable.
Q: What are the different Services you provide?
A: We provide Real Radio Reviews by professional Record and Music Producers and Radio DJ's, We can add instruments to tracks, help with mixing and mastering and EPK's(Electronic Press Kits). See our Services page for full details.
Q: What is an EPK?
A: An EPK is an Electronic Press Kit. An EPK also known as your own digital media is a must for anyone seeking exposure and publicity as an artist. You can send your electronic press kit to music industry professionals, clubs, media or anybody who might be interested in your work. EPK is your professional resume to the world. contact information, short biography, your pictures, quotes from people about your work, press coverage, gig or show information (if applicable) and links to your professional work (audio, video, images or texts). Contact should clearly state where can you be reached, your phone numbers, emails, postal address and link to your website (if you have one)
Q: How can you do all this at such a low rate?
A: Music is our business and our life. We live and breathe music on a daily basis and wish to see others succeed in fulfilling their dreams as well and we believe it is wrong to take advatage of people who need assistance or an honest review but can't afford a whole lot.
Q: Do you offer 'Crowd Reviews' like ReverbNation and other review sites?
A: Absolutely Not! We do not subject anyone's review to 'fans' or 'crowd reviews' or just 'anyone'. This is a professional site and we intend to keep it that way. We do not offer 'Crowd Reviews' nor will we ever. We ONLY offer reviews by REAL Professionals currently in the music industry. If you want a 'crowd review' than we suggest submitting your song to Reverbnations "Test for Radio" or other sites that offer 'Crowd Reviews" or "Fan Reviews" because here all reviews are only done by professionals and not just anyone's opinion but only by those who know what it takes to make it in the music business. We have learned that if your music goes for a 'crowd review' or 'test for radio' offered by other sites and your music is of a different taste or genre then the one giving the review, chances are their review will not be a unbiased one.
Q: Is "Test for Radio" and a "Crowd Review" the same thing?
A: NO! Contrary to the opinion of other popular sites, there is a BIG DIFFERENCE! A crowd review is the opinion of the fans, the crowd. A Real Radio Review is based on the professional level such as mixing & mastering, vocal perfromance, overall music quality and performance. Reviews here are ONLY done by professionals in the music industry as it should be.
Q: I accidentally submitted the wrong song. Can I change it?
A: Unfortuantely, no. As soon as the review is purchased, the information is immediately distributed to one of our Radio DJ's or Music Producers and can not be recalled.
Q: I don't like my results, can I get my money back?
A: All payments are non refundable. Our professionals are completely honest and take the time to go through each and every song submitted and only gives their honest professional review.
Q: How long does it take to get my review back?
A: It depends of the Producers or DJ's schedule. Keep in mind they have to make time from their work every day schedules to listen to each song and submit their review. You can receive your review in as little as 2 days but usually not longer than 7 business days. 
Q:  What if my song is lacking something... like drums or guitars for instance?
A: If your song is lacking drums or another instrument, you can request additional instruments. If instruments are needed in the song it's only $25. per track and $50. for multiple tracks. See complete details in our Services page.
Q:  What are the benefits of using REAL RADIO REVIEWS?
A: Your reviews are only done by Real Music and Record Producers and Radio DJ's in the music industry. Also, you can also get radio air play from SE Radio along with radio promotion.
Q:  What if my music isn't mixed correctly or mastered correctly, can you help?
A: Absolutely! Our professionals can help with that area as well. Be sure to check our Services page for complete details.
Q: What makes you better than ReverbNation or Anyone else? 
A: Our goal is not to run others down, but to show in comparison the differences in the quality and professionalism so you, the rising star can get the best affordable and accurate help available without being mislead or without any strings.
Q: Why don't you offer 'Crowd Reviews" as offered by ReverbNation?
A: As we see nothing wrong with 'crowd reviews' and knowing what your fans like, that is something that should come later and not when your just getting your music out there. It is important that when you're trying to get music out there is to take it to the professionals first to know where your music stands before you get it out to the public. You do not want 'crowd reviews' when you first bring your music out because if it's not mixed right or the vocals are not lined up or in pitch the crowd can be very brutal and will tear you apart and that can be very discouraging and dream shattering.
Q: I'm an artist and want to sign up to get feedback on my tracks. How do I do this?
A: Simply by clicking on the "Sign Up" dial below and following our easy instructions.
Q: I'm needing additional instruments on my song, how long would it take to get my song back?
A: It would be the same waiting period as a review. It could be as little as 2 days but not longer then 7 business days.

Always be sure you know when submitting your music you know exactly whose is reviewing your music.
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