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At SE we offer the following recording services:
Soundproof VO Booths

Record to Picture/ADR

Straight Voice Record

Phone Patch (Conference Option)

Skype (Conference Option)

Source Connect / IP (Multi Point)

FTP Server / Transfers


Client Present
If you are based in Nevada City, CA or will be here for your project we have a plush studio to accommodate clients coming to interact with the actors in person. We have a kitchen stocked with snacks, coffee, tea, and water. Our Studio has room for 1 to 2 actors in the booth and space for 4 to 6 clients plus one of our engineers.

Skype Connection
No matter where you are located in the world, the producers at SE Studios can connect to your computer via Skype and then in a Video Conference Mode, we patch the voice artist into your speakers and we patch your voice into to the artist's headphone mix, allowing you to direct the session from anywhere in the world. Once the session is complete, we send you an e-mail with an Invoice and your edited files ready for download!

Source-Connect uses the internet to transmit the audio line used in radio broadcasts, voiceover, and other occasions when high quality is required between two distant places. An actor is hired and comes to our studio, we then connect to another Source-Connect equipped studio somewhere else in the world and the actor is recorded at that remote location as if they were there.

Phone Patch
A phone patch is when you call into the studio on a regular telephone and we "patch" you in to the recording session. You are able to hear and direct the voice actor while we record it. Do you need multiple people to call in and direct? Just let us know and we will set it all up. Files can be organized, named, and delivered to your specifications. Not sure what those are? Our engineers will ask a few questions to determine what that might be and use their years of experience to organize and deliver the files per your needs. When everything is done we send you the files in whatever format and method you require. An emailed link to most common, but with many options available today we can do what is easiest for you.

Working in all aspects of voice-overs, our day to day consists of recording TV, Radio, and web advertising, in addition to the many narration, interactive, animation, IVR, and ADR projects we regularly work on. Our studio is equipped with Source-Connect, phone patch, skype to accommodate any type of session. All of our booths are equipped with video for ADR or for referencing on-screen material. Get in touch and see how we can help you. We are friendly to new clients finding their way with a project and are happy to guide you through the best that we can.

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