To the Cuddle Muffin Showdown! This is the history of how Robbi & Shirl met and how the whole CuddleMuffin Showdown began. The showdown between Robbi & Shirl all began when Shirl started picking on Robbi on Facebook and then he told her that we should battle it out in a showdown, where people could vote for their favorite love bird (Shirl or Robbi). There is story behind this whole showdown thing, Here is Robbi starts off with his side of the story:

Robbi's Side:

I met Shirl online on Marcus Frind's website PlentyOfFish.com in 2005. We hit it off right away and began talking daily via e-mail. Shirl was living South of Los Angeles at the time and was involved in a ministry that kept a daily blog, that Shirl was one of the main writers of. I read her blogs religiously, no pun intended and through reading what she had written, I began to fall in love with her even more. Shirl and I got really close in a short period of time. I was just positive that God has chosen her to be my forever mate. I was both nervous and excited about my new-found love. Shirl began developing feelings for me and I could tell because of how she was acting and by some things that she had said on the phone like, "Robbi there is something that I want to tell you, but I got some things to do right now and I will have to talk to you later." That was the last that I heard from Shirl for over a year.

Then one day in 2007, when my band had relocated to a commercial district, Shirl came back into my life. This time, I wrote a really beautiful song for Shirlanne called "You Shine". Shirl was very touched by the song and once again, our love was rekindled and grew even more. Shortly afterward, Shirl and I did not talk for several months and in that time we moved our studio next door and I was really occupied anyway, so my attention was focused elsewhere at that time. In time, Shirl came back into my life via BlogTV, which is a video broadcasting site where you can host your own live TV show, which Secret Enterprise did on many occasions. Shirl would frequent the show and hang out with us, which was a lot of fun and it was nice to have her in my life again. Little did I know that the whole time I was talking to her on BlogTV, thinking that she was 18-hours away from me that she had moved North of me about an hour and a half away. One day she sent me an e-mail saying, "What would you say if I told you that I live closer to you than you think?" I was like, "How much closer?" and when she told me I was pissed, omg!

I didn't talk to Shirl for a while and I really missed her, but at the same time I could not believe that she would do that to me. She knew how much I loved her and wanted to be with her and none of that had ever changed. I continued to have women in my life, because she seemed disinterested in us being together. I felt led to talk to Shirl more and even had some erotic dreams about her that seemed so real that I woke aching for her. One day Shirl straight out asked me, "Do you still feel the same way that you did about me before?" I was shocked that she actually grew a pair and asked me, but my response was, "Yes I do!" and that was the beginning of an amazing series of events that transpired and that have brought us together.

On July 1st, 2011 Shirl came to SE Studios and began a new life with me. I had known for many years that we were supposed to be together and could never really understand why God would do that to me if He loved me, but now I know that it is all a matter of timing that is based on a system of freewill. Shirl and I have blossomed into America's Cutest Couple, but not just "cutest couple", but America's "Real" Cutest Couple, not some Hollywood crap or made up bullshit about these two people who don't even know each other. Though many of our videos incorporate the production technology of a state of the art recording studio, our love for each other is as real as it gets and we are a "forever couple, not a flash in the pan.

Read the whole story soon!

Love On The Run Coming Soon!

Shirl's Side:

Well.. Robbi was right in what he said, we met online on PlentyOfFish.com in 2005. I had to be honest with him and as it shows in the video... the more talking I did, the deeper in trouble I got! And even though I'm honest with everything I still don't think being honest helps my situation in this.. at all. lol It still seems that the more that comes out, the more I get myself in trouble! Oh gee.. and you get to watch it all unfold here. You know that old saying you used to hear.. "Just be honest and you won't get in trouble?" Yeah well.... you run with that dream!!

Anyway.... here in the real world....

Robbi and I fell instantly in love with each other. There was NO question on either part. You know how you always hear.. You just know when you meet that one special person that you know you're going to spend the rest of your life with? Well.. We Knew! I knew I was not only in love with him but I knew Robbi was supposed to be my husband from the first time I laid eyes on him. I was so in love.. it was so real.. so deep.. so permanent.. so pure.... so honest and I knew it was a forever love that I felt for him.. but because I had never experienced anything like that before, it scared me. I would join Robbi and his band, Secret Enterprise when they were on BlogTv. When I knew Robbi was upset with me I would log in anonymously or as "Tainted Angel" and would hang out but I wouldn't say a word, I would just watch and listen. I never told Robbi at that time I was also known as "Tainted Angel". But if he looked on his friends list on BlogTv, He'll see Tainted Angel listed as a friend. It was my nick name growing up because when I was little I had this idea that I wanted to grow up to be an angel and sing to Jesus and to the world. But I learned humans don't transform into angels (in wing sense) so the name Tainted Angel was given to me and it guess it always stuck.

I logged in one day and I saw something blinking at the bottom of the chat box... and it was Robbi saying "Hello Shirlanne... I love you!!" but then the butterflies would start and that feeling of being scared would come on and I wasn't able to say what I really wanted to say. Through the course of Robbi and I talking through the years I had moved to northern Cali. I was from 73 miles south of Los Angeles and I relocated to only an hour and a half away from Robbi instead of being 18 hours away. I really wanted to tell him but I was so nervous, I just couldn't bring myself to tell him. I knew I needed to finally tell him I had moved closer to him so I sent him an email saying, "What would you think if I told you, I'm no longer living as far as you thought anymore?" I really did not think he would get upset. He responded by asking me "exactly how close?" I said I'm no longer 18 hours away, but only 1 and a half hours away". He asked for how long... at first I said, a little over 2 years. Omg... he was furious! At first I couldn't understand why he got so mad. So I did what most any girl would do... I went to my friends! I told them what happened and their response was, "He didn't know? OMG... no wonder he got mad!!" I heard so many responses but all of them were in Robbi's defense saying they'd be angry too!

Many times I would get the courage up and I would start to actually tell him that I was in love with him... but then I would get scared thinking, what if his love wasn't a forever love? So I backed out because I couldn't handle hearing him say that he didn't feel the same or something like that. Little did I know, he felt the same way. The Lord was giving me dreams and visions that Robbi was the one and that he was alone and he loved me and needed me... but I wasn't realizing that's what the dreams and visions meant at the time.

The Lord finally sent a complete stranger to come to me one day while on my way to network some security cameras at a store I was helping at. The stranger told me, to quit running from Robbi because his love was "genuine" and I didn't have to be afraid and told me not to keep Robbi at arm's distance anymore. That stranger never knew Robbi or I. It was the first and only time I had ever seen that man. The Lord confirmed it quite a few times to me of what he told me through this stranger. Then one night as I was writing some music, I had Robbi's picture as my wallpaper I looked up at his picture and out of nowhere, the Lord quicken my spirit so strong and he was reminding me of what he told me through that stranger and through others. (..And Yes, the Lord told me through other people as well.) So about 3 months later, I said, Ok Lord... if what you say is true, let's just see if he gets online tonight! And sure enough... he did! It really surprised me because Robbi usually wasn't online at night. I was shaking so bad but I finally came out and asked Robbi.. If he still felt the same way he did when he wrote that song for me and he said, "Yes, and even more!!"

I knew he was the one God made just for me, but didn't realize he knew it too. See, a lot of people say I love you, but that doesn't mean their in love... So I didn't realize Robbi was just as much in love with me as I was with him... so for at least 4 years I ran but eventually I ended up running straight into his arms. BUT... he still isn't over the fact that he waited so long for me... because he knew the whole time what I was trying to say but he needed to hear it out of my mouth. We talked one night after we got married, and he asked me.. "Exactly... how long did you live close to me before telling me you moved close to me?" Knowing I had previously told him, little over 2 years and I was very vague in my answers, I finally told him it was 3 years... He said, "WHAT??? Oh, no you didn't!!! You mean to tell me it was that long before you told me you moved here!! It did not go over well..

It also certainly didn't help matters when he found out I had actually came through town without telling him when I was on my way to Sacramento. He asked me why I didn't tell him I when I was in town and I said because he was upset. (Yeah.. that went over real big!) He said that didn't matter, I still should have told him because he wanted to see me. Because of everything we've been through Robbi can tell you, the emotions on that video..their real baby!!! Anyway you can stop by The Official CuddleMuffin Showdown on FaceBook and say hi or visit us on The Official Cuddlemuffin Showdown Website and check out our photo shoots and videos!

There is so much more I need to say, but I think I better stop here while I'm not in that deep... yet!! So, lets see if I managed to get out myself out of trouble here and see what Robbi has to say... Bring it baby!!


You can hear both Robbi & Shirl explain their sides of the story in the video interview below! For more on the showdown you're just going to have to check out the other videos and read through the blogs to see how things have progressed from there and still.. continue to heat up as the votes keep coming in from around the world!


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