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CuddleMuffin Showdown Season 2

Season 2 is now is now in production and will be out soon so keep your eyes peeled! It's going to be hotter then ever with more music, videos, interviews and more fun!



Robbi & Shirl Spencer have been cast in the upcoming movies..

Chasing Butterflies the Movie-Trailer


Chasing Butterflies the movie - Teaser


Z14 The Virus is Loose! Trailer


Here is the Official Z14 Movie Teaser


Upcoming Movies in Pre-Production


Robbi & Shirl Spencer's Movie

"Love on the Run"

Based on the book. The whole story soon about what really happened between these two!

Official Website


Broken But Not Bent - The Movie

Based on true events written in the book "Broken But Not Bent"

Official Website

Robbi & Shirl Spencer announces SE Spirit Chasers Season 2

Coming soon is Season 2 of more spirit chasing, new places, new adventures, misadventures, laughs and more fun! So.. You better keep one eye open because SE Spirit Chasers may end up having to come to help you get rid of some of your pesky ghosts!!




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Robbi & Shirl Spencer Now in 3D Virtual Reality

Click Here For Details

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