Virtual Drums

Beause we realize drums are more of a hands on experience we are including a Virtual Drum set to help you get started on your jouney. DvDrum set is provided free by Dark Tiger which you can download below. During the install you can choose to opt out of the drumming browser if you so desire, it is not needed in your virtual drumming experience. Simple to use and easy to understand. Simpy download, extract and run. Be sure and like their facebook as well.


DvDrum is a realistic quality drum simulator.

The software allows you to play a virtual drum with the pc keyboard in a simple and realistic way.

The drumkit also can be fully customized and shared with other users.

DvDrum 3 allows you to play in real time a Virtual Drum to shows your Drummer Experience and Ability


* High Quality Sounds!

* Fully Customizable!

* Simple Interface!

* Perfect Reactivity!



Download DvDrum

(113 MB)

Alternative Download Here


  2014 Progressive Edge Records