The purpose of this website is to get you started in music. Whether it's drums, bass, guitar or keyboard. Here we get you started on the basics until your confident enough to branch out on your own and explore more advance options. Here you will find resources and websites to help you along your journy. There is no charge as it is our desire to fill the world with music and help you get started on your own. We realize how expensive lessons and can be and many can not afford to pay an hourly fee. Although there is no subsitution for one on one lessons, this is the next best thing without having to worry about cost. We have searched for the best resources that are available online for free (which will be made availabe soon ) that will take you further once you've got the basics down and we hope that you find them helpful. We are still working on this so you have to be patient and keep checking back.

Grass Valley Rock School wishes the very best as you start your journey to your musical career.

So with that being said... Let's get started!

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