Super Star Entertainment Consultants has sought-out, built relationships and brought together a Motivated team of Dynamic, Energetic and Successful Entertainment industry Professionals.

Many aspiring Artists have all the Talent, but are often daunted with the
idea of navigating through the long and challenging process of getting noticed by Decision-makers and Consumers.

Our comprehensive approach to Artist Management focuses on Artistic and Career Development. We take a Snapshot of where an Artist is today.

What are your Assets? What content do you have? What do you need?
Then we find the most effective way to propel you towards realizing
your Goals and Objectives.

Here's a list of the services we provide.

Artist Management and Career Development
Tour and Gig Bookings
Radio Submissions and Releases
Recording and Production
Music Publishing Start-Up, Expansion and Consulting
Copyright Legal Team support
Marketing / Social Networking / Publicity
Catalogue administration
Contracts, Legal Agreements and Deal Preparations
National and International Press
Global VIP Label and Publishing Deals
Record Company Representation
Grants, Sponsorships, Endorsements and Investor Sourcing
Television and Video Production
Music Performance Rights and Royalties Management
Licensing and Synchronization Agreements
Website / Electronic Press Kits / Graphic Design
Worldwide Promotions Services
Substantial Hotel and Travel-Related Discounts
Collaborating with Successful Entertainment Companies

Golden Globe Entertainment has a large network of Entertainment properties for TV and the Music industry with a focus on Music & Film.

Based in the United States, we reach audiences in more than 70 countries around the world.

Not only one of the world’s largest music event producers, Golden Globe Entertainment produces and promotes single as well multi-day music festivals across North America, Europe, South America, Australia, and Asia.

Being based in North American is key in operating our entities that include Music Concerts, along with festivals Globally. We also are a provider of exceptional Artist Management services.

Golden Globe Records is a Record Label & Music Promotional company based in the United States , which promotes the Musical genres of Rock, Americana, Country, Electronica, Adult Contemporary, Pop Music and RAP.

Golden Globe Records utilizes Internet Distribution techniques, such as Podcasting, Internet radio, providing music videos to online streaming websites, providing full tracks on social networking sites and blogging.

We also utilize Music Billboards as well as FM Radio stations globally.

SE Studios also known as Secret Enterprise Productions
is a full-service multimedia production facility with separate
departments for audio, video, web design, and marketing.

Our friendly staff can assist you with your projects at anytime.
SE Studios features a massive array of music equipment and recording
gear and the staff really know their stuff when it comes to
operating it. SE has a proven track record of getting the job
done! Recording music in essence, is not that difficult given
the right environment and equipment, especially microphones,
but to record music and make it sound as your ears hear it live,
is another story completely.

Our qualified staff will interview you as a prospective client and they will ask the necessary questions, to determine whether or not you would be a good fit
with the current SE Studios lineup.

Progressive Edge Records is a multimedia entertainment company which supplies profitable, positive, audio and visual entertainment to a diverse world. PER is committed to wholesome entertainment across the board and firmly believes that quality entertainment can be realized without compromising commercial appeal.

PER distinguishes itself through the commitment it undertakes with each of its artists. PER also utilizes a stable of experienced and resourceful producers to ensure the highest quality product within established production budgets.

PER is composed of multiple divisions: Radio, Television, Print, Music and Video Production, Production Entities, i.e. "CuddleMuffin Showdown", "Skies Alive", Books and Films.

Below is a comprehensive list of the services we provide to date.

Recording Studios
Music Production Services
Multimedia Production Services
Video Production
Digital Audio/Visual Recording Services
Radio Management Services
Radio Program Production
Music Royalty and Licensing Services
Music Production Consulting Services
Music Publishing/Book Publishing
Instructional Videos
Acting Instruction
Performing Arts
Stunt Performers
Vocal Instruction Services
Entertainers and Entertainment Groups
Music Industry
Motion Picture Industry
Film Titlers
Film Editors
Dubbing Services
DVD Production Services
Media Services
Video Tape Production
Voice Overs
Video Production Services
Video Duplication/Replication Services
Media Production Services
Artist Management
A&R Development

Website Development using CSS, HTML5, Flash, Shockwave, Java, Js, Ajax and other various programming to bring the most memorable, interactive experiences which brings continual returns to the website based on the interactive enjoyment in which the website brings the visitor.

3D Envirormental Development using such programs as Sketchup, 3DS Max, Lumion, BIM Design, Maya, Twin Motion, Poser, Vue, CAD, V-Ray as well as using open source used in conjunction with Hypergrid for best viewing and interactive experience.

A.I. Programming Development using specialized programming languages such as AIML, XML, A.L.I.C.E., Python, C++, and Ruby, Perl. The various languages used with the proper platform enable a compositional way of expressing the algorithms to interact with human input whether in answers and/or expressions and/or actions taken.

Creating Reality/Revisions Instructing others on the various techniques using the Power of Imagination/Visualization/Meditations and Intent to create their own desired reality while breaking free from the pre-programmed matrix which was designed to keep people asleep and unaware. Those learning these techniques find they are no longer being subjected to the control and powers of those man made laws that were initially created for by those who to retain power and control the behavior of the masses. Such laws were designed to keep many in fear of learning their own true creative power thus, leaving their power with those who created those laws. These laws go back to the time of Constantine the Great. Also known as Constantine I, who was a Roman Emperor that ruled between AD 306 and 337 These laws and practices are currently used today over society. Proverbs 25:2