Anyone who's been in the music business for any amount of time, knows what it's like to spend hours, time, tears and all the pain that go into writing that perfect song. Many know what it's like spending hours of recording that perfect song only to be told that the company they sent their music too, doesn't accept unsolicited music.

What's even worse is spending thousands of dollars at a recording studio only to have your music sitting on a shelf somewhere, where it's never played. It also doesn't help when you're playing a gig and the only ones in the audience are a few locals, the band and their girlfriends when you're wanting to sing in stadiums in front of thousands.

Deep down, you know it's what you're meant to do. It's in your soul, it flows through your veins, you breathe it, think it, walk it, you are music, it's your destiny... but with so many people sending in their music to major record companies, your chances of it getting your music heard are almost 3%.

The rejections you receive in the process can be very discouraging and disheartening. Often, too many times people give up just when they're on the brink of stardom and unfortunately the world never gets to see the talent that can could have changed everything! There is way too much unseen talent.

The purpose of the Official Rock Diva's is to have a classy outlet to showcase your music, talent, film reels, bio and music videos on this site where it can be seen and heard by those in the music business and film industry. At such a low cost, you have nothing to lose!

With that being said...

What are you waiting for?