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It all started back in 1989 with Lost Sheep Records and Lost Sheep Publishing. Producer Robbi Spencer started the very first Full-Service Christian Record Label with a plush fully-automated recording studio on Madison Avenue in Sacramento. Robbi hosted a weekly Radio Show called "The Lost Sheep Radio Hour" every Friday evening from 5pm to 6pm on KFIA radio. Lost Sheep Publishing was the primary music publisher for all of Robbi Spencer's original music, as well as some of the other artists that were signed to the Lost Sheep Records label.


Rock Robster circa 1997

In 1997, Robbi was signed to Progressive Edge Records and things really took off from there. Up to this point all of the music that Robbi had written was a learning experience and the journey to get to this point was amazing! Amazing people, great times, finally realizing that it was all about JESUS, so all of the searching for the answer were over at this point and the true magic began at that moment.

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Robbi moved around for a while for his job, but always ended up at home base in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Foothills. For several years, it was just Robbi, Albert and Brant running the studio and building what would be the ultimate musician's clubhouse. It was way too much work for the amount of time that everyone was able to contribute, so growing was slow in the beginning, but they stuck with it and didn't give up.


In 2011, Robbi and Shirl Spencer got married and Shirl became the newest addition to the SE family, becoming the SE Studio "Mom" and computer genius! SE grew to be one big happy family and over time SE has gained quite a membership to it's Private V.I.P. Recording Club. The Rock Factory was later opened at the SE complex in Northern California.

From 2012 to 2015, Robbi and Shirl ran SE Studios and Progressive Edge Records with very little, if any help at all. Robbi knows how to raise money when needed and being a successful businessman and up and coming Record Mogul, Robbi Spencer decided to ramp things up and open multiple divisions of Secret Enterprise or SE as it would be known as to the world. Shirl released tons of music on the Progressive Edge Records, while husband and producer Robbi Spencer branched out into areas of media like Film and Video. Robbi always had an eye for detail and was no stranger to running a video camera, but his true strength was found when Robbi stepped into the Editing Suite at SE Studios and began cutting together amazing productions!

The Spencer's CUDDLEMUFFIN SHOWDOWN is a Reality-based Television Game Show where Robbi and Shirl Spencer Battle it Out with Music Videos and Photoshoots and the Public Votes on it and Decides the Winner of the Showdown. Trust me when I say that the Showdown is off the hook! Knowing how people feel about being in LOVE and how a really sweet Couple can touch your Heart with their MUSIC, we feel is nothing short of AMAZING!!

Together, the Spencer's have managed to create such media entities as SE BUNNIES, SE RADIO, SE-TV, SE MAGAZINE, SE NEWS, ROCK SCHOOL, THE RAPTURE PROJECT, SE SPIRIT CHASERS, PREACHER ROBS, SKIES ALIVE TV, SE COMEDY CHANNEL, plus ALL of the SE Blogs that get hundreds of thousands of views a DAY!

Other Television related media projects include 2-Feature Films that were written by The Spencer's. Shirl Spencer wrote a True Love Story called "LOVE ON THE RUN" movie, (A True Story About How Shirl and Robbi Came Together), while husband Robbi Spencer wrote a thriller called "CHASING BUTTERFLIES" (A Work of Fantasy Based on True Events).

Together, they have been involved in such projects as James Weaver's Z14 movie, a short film called "The Beyond", written and directed by JD Ayers, cinematography and music score by Robbi Spencer. Robbi has scored a few film projects, the most recent being Aria Pictures very own "The National Exchange". Albert Leon, III co-created the score for this short film. If you click on the picture below that says, "Investory VIP Area", you should be able to see a pretty wide range of what we do!

In 2016, The Spencer's created a new type of Partnership Program that would include family & friends like Nick Berryessa and Mike & Liesa Wooding and many others that actually care about the studio. They ALL treat it like a Dojo... It was at that point the things really started to grow and now the merger will be able to move forward no longer being unequally yoked, but now working on creating a stable environment that could never be taken away from the Northern California couple with the biggest dreams you've ever seen. Thank you so much to EVERYONE who has made this possible. You not only ROCK HARD, but will be BLESSED beyond belief for your LOVE!

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SE Studios also known as "Secret Enterprise Productions" is a full-service multimedia production facility with separate departments for audio, video, web design, and marketing. Our friendly staff can assist you with your projects at anytime. SE Studios features a massive array of music equipment and recording gear and the staff really know their stuff when it comes to operating it. SE has a proven track record of getting the job done! Recording music in essence, is not that difficult given the right environment and equipment, especially microphones, but to record music and make it sound as your ears hear it live, is another story completely. Our qualified staff will interview you as a prospective client and they will ask the necessary questions, to determine whether or not you would be a good fit with the current SE Studios lineup.
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