Robbi Spencer _____.......____ ___.................. ____ Studio Manager
Robbi Spencer has been in the music industry since 1980. He has always been ahead of his time and always continued to stay strong and keep the faith and not give up on music or his faithful fans, friends and family. The person Robbi is today is a completely different person than when he was a younger, now a graduate of Full Sail Academy with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Production., Robbi's dream is to help others get their music recorded and he is doing that as we speak!

Shirl Spencer_________............________.._..................__ IT Manager
Shirl Spencer is a major blessing to SE Studios in so many ways, it would be pointless to start listing them. You would need a completely separate website just for that! Shirl is responsible doing a lot of computer related work, whether it be graphics, websites or even 3D virtual worlds, she is always busy and is always creating amazing stuff for SE Studios and Secret Enterprise Band, which she is also a member of now.
Albert Leon, III__________________.................___ Music Producer
Albert Leon, III or "Alby" as he is known around here is a true friend and one of the original founding members of SE Studios and Secret Enterprise Band. Albert has been instrumental in writing and recording most of SE's famous music that you hear nowadays, inlcuding the original Lizard Lick Theme song and movie scores like the one for Aria Pictures "The National Exchange".

Bret Ellsworth ____________________..._......... Marketing Director
Bret Ellsworth has been a faithful member of SE Studios for over 5-years. Bret has been a great source of inspiration and help keeping the studio operational and at it's tip top shape. MC Square Plain White Rapper is produced by Bret Ellsworth and his projects are always a lof of fun to work on!

Ronny Santana___________..............__________ Voice-over Actor
Ronny Santana is an amazingly talented and versatile Voice-over Actor/Artist who is a great assett to SE he is currently available for hire! A demo will be available soon. Ronny is currently living in Tokyo Japan, but we can SourceConnect to him and virtually have him right there in the studio with us, via an HD audio connection.
Nicholas Berryessa________________Investor & Studio Partner
Nick Berryessa is a great friend and a true man of faith! We hit it off and started taking about the studio and what we might be able to do to help his friend Michael Wooding, who is an amazing Christian Music Artist. Nick paid for Mike's first recording session and been faithfully giving ever since! We can't thank people like Nick enough, for believing in another human being and being willing to invest in that person's life and music career.

Wooding Family __________Recording Artist & Studio Partner
Michael Wooding and his wife Liesa are a big part of the studio's success! Thanks to the Wooding Family, the partnership that is SE really thrives as Robbi and Mike continue to produce amazing music and release albums on iTunes. Liesa is a major blessing to Robbi and Shirl and constant source of prayer, encouragement and support. We are blessed to know Mike & Liesa Wooding!

Your Name Here_____________..____..............Partner & Associate
Your name here has taken the plunge and is now a faithful SE Studios supporter who has decided to give $_________ a month, which will keep the lights and the internet on for another month. This is VERY important to us and you have no idea how much even $20 does to help SE. I can tell you right now that there is now greater fun than being part of the SE Family!... Click here to make this a reality.

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SE Studios is an amazing place to create music and shoot videos and learn the art and craft of music!

SE Studios is by far a cut above the rest and we attribute that to the technical savvy of our staff.

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