Professional Recording Services in the Gold Country!
Specializing in Radio & TV Commercials, Narration, ADR, Movies, Websites, Gaming & More!

About Us

SE Studios are Social Media Gurus and would love to help your business reach it's potential by having the necessary Social Media in place without costing you a ton of money. We have affordable pricing for building websites and setting up all Social Media Platforms. We also are able to connect all of your Social Media to your website.

If you already have a website, but need a Twitter or Facebook or Instagram page setup, we can help you. We also create brilliant websites from scratch or we can take your already awesome website and make it really pop by connecting blogs and social media to it! In short, our company is amazing because we help you make your business amazing!


How We Got Started

SE Studios was really birthed out of a serious need for a multimedia outlet where businesses could go to create stunning websites, social media and print graphics. Our group of designers are familiar with working with a set budget and timeline and since pleasing our customers is our #1 goal, we do whatever it takes to make that happen!...Click Here to Read the History of SE...

Our Ideal Customer
Our Ideal Customer is someone who is looking to grow their business by investing in creating multimedia that allows us to showcase YOUR awesomeness, using OUR special audio, video and website skills! Click here to watch a video about all of our business services.

Our Studio features an arsenal of state-of-the-art recording equipment and separate ISO booths for getting a professional sound. We would love to help you create a Grammy Award Winning Hit Song in our studio. Our Producers & Engineers are all Full Sail Graduates.
Our team of Producers, Filmmakers and Editors stay very busy working on projects for a large client-base. All of our projects are meaningful and have a purpose or bring change or awareness to our world. We produce film auditions, film reel demos and much more!
We have several amazing voice-over artists including Roger Lewis Jones, J.D. Ayers, Ronny Santana, Robbi Spencer, Shirl Spencer who would love to help you create a stunning, yet affordable radio or television commercial today! We do all recording in house in our studio.
SE Studios in Northern California is excited to offer new production services that are sure to be a hit with those in the Real Estate Industry! Let our team fly a drone over your property and show the true beauty of what you are presenting to potential buyers.
Whether it be for a magazine spread or a product brochure, our designer team are experts at print graphic design, product branding and logo creation. Our designs have been used by Fortune-500 Companies. We use cutting-edge software and lead the trends of today.
Our Team of Professional Web Gurus can take your images and concepts and turn that into a finished Website with full Social Media Interaction. We believe in creating stunning and captivating websites that people remember and bookmark, so that they can return.
SE Studios has been partnered with Discmakers since 1990 and in that time our group of designers have created literally hundreds of CD Covers, DVD & BluRay Covers, Posters and Booklets for their client's projects. We also have our own manufacturing equipment here.
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Professional Recording Services in the Gold Country! Our Ideal Customer is an individual who is looking to grow their business by investing in creating multimedia that will allow US to showcase YOUR awesomeness! - recording studio, grass valley, gold country, voice actors, se studio films, video auditions, flying whale, louder studios, ancient wave studios -
Voice-over Recording Services by SE Studios, Our studio is equipped with Source-Connect, phone patch, skype to accommodate any type of session. - recording studio, voice actors, grass valley, robbi spencer, source-connect, voice-over